Valentine’s Day Special

We are very excited to let you know about our amazing Valentine’s Day Special … Available Now!

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Please Note : Valentines Day Package finishes on the 15th of February 2023 .… Packages purchased are valid for 12 months.

Facebook Reviews – What Our Happy Customers Are Saying …

Tammi 25/10/22 – I have had trouble finding a good affordable hairdresser, these girls are amazing and I finally got a curly hair cut that suits. I will be returning every time now 😌🤗

Amy 10/2/22 – This business deserves every accolade they’ve received. 100% I decided to treat myself to a perm a few days ago and Deb turned it into such a treat. She helped me feel comfortable, pampered, and I will gladly be recommending Carefree Artistic Hair and Beauty.🥰

Jade 7/2/22 – Deb is amazing, nothing much can be done with my Mum’s hair so for my Mum having her hair on point is rare. Thank you guys for making her look as super amazing as she is on the inside 💜🧡🥰🧡💜

Danielle 2/12/21 – Booked my daughter in for the first time last Thursday with Deb and the girls, so glad I did. Not only are they friendly and very welcoming but Deb is a miracle worker!!!! She not only knew exactly what my daughter wanted (a small feat in itself) she absolutely smashed it. Thank you for your patience Deb you freaking ROCK!

Jade 7/2/22 – Deb is amazing, nothing much can be done with my Mum’s hair so for my Mum having her hair on point is rare. Thank you guys for making her look as super amazing as she is on the inside 💜💜

What is your new look? Our professional hair stylists can help you with your decision.

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ARP Keratin Fusion

Spoil Yourself … Spoil Your Hair

Introducing the Keyliss Keratin Treatment in our Mandurah salon. From frizz free curly hair, frizz free straight hair, to long lasting styling or perfect straight hair …..

The Keyliss Keratin Treat offers: No more frizz styling, time is halved, new violet smoothing formula to be used on blonde or white hair. Reconstruction action. Volume control.

Turn your blow dry into a long lasting frizz free hair for up to 4 weeks or a full smoothing treatment replenishing the hair while keeping it straight for 6 weeks or more.

Want too keep your curl? We use this product to take away the frizz and reconstructing those ringlets.

Call our salon on 9535 2667 for current prices.

Keyliss Keratin Treatment:

Are you looking for a long lasting breakthrough for your frizzy, limp or lifeless hair?

* Look no further : ARP Keratin Fusion – the evolution of long lasting styling …..

* It is extraordinarily innovative – we actually use an airbrush, an absolute first in the world of hair.

* It’s quick … it only takes a few minutes more that when you normally style your hair to achieve an extraordinary result.

* It’s long lasting … your hair will finally be easy to manage for several weeks and even up to a month.

Book an appointment and let our new service astound you … Call 9535 2667 Now.

Hair Extensions Mandurah

Carefree Artistic Hair & Beauty stunning Hair Extensions Mandurah … We can quickly add volume and length to your hair, create gorgeous highlights, fill in gaps or even add a ponytail. Whatever the look you are after, let us help you achieve it with our hair customisable hair extension range.

Model 1: Weft extensions, these extensions are beaded and sewn into the hair to add length and fullness. (photos 1&2)

Model 2: Tape extensions, these extensions are glued to the existing hair to add length and fullness. (photos 3&4)

Both types are made with real hair. They come in a large range of colours and length can be customised. It is recommended that they are removed and moved up every 4-6 weeks.

At Carefree Artistic Hair & Beauty Mandurah we only use quality hair extensions.

If we don’t have your colour, don’t worry! Because our extensions are all made of real hair they can be toned accordingly to match in perfectly to your hair!

Call us on 95352667 if you have any questions or would like to book a consultation 😍

Facebook Reviews

hair and beauty mandurah

We would like to share with you some of the Awesome Facebook Reviews we have received so far this year from our Happy Customers …

 5/7/2017 Thank you! Fantastic service, amazing attention to detail. Highly recommend the girls, Emma and Beth did a brilliant job on my colour and cut. Very happy. ~ Catherine Dall

13/5/2017  Oh my goodness. I’m so very impressed with how Deb went above and beyond to make sure I was 100 percent happy with my hair do. I got a cut and lots of foils and she really worked overtime to ensure that my stubborn hair got as light as I wanted it but still maintain ing health. Plus sure is taking my hair to donate to a worthy cause which really made my day. Thank you soooo much. Very friendly and I couldn’t believe the price. Such good value. Definitely found my hairdresser. 🙂  ~  Jayde Halls

5/5/2017 After previously going to another hairdresser for well over 10years, I finally tried Carefree Artistic Hair after a friend’s recommendation. WOW!!!!! I haven’t been this excited and happy with my hair colour in a VERY long time! My hair was fairly dry and damaged, but I’ve come away with hair feeling softer, looking healthy and plenty of after care knowledge in maintaining care of my hair. Received a brow wax and an eyelash tint as part of package….. I noticed there was attention to detail during procedure and constant communication due to the fact my eyes having to stay shut! Lol.!!!   Very friendly, approachable staff who really listen.  This client has found a new hairdressing home!!  Will be recommended to everyone in my circle.  ~ Kylee Warby

4/5/2017  Thank you my hair looks and feels amazing, so good to have somewhere to go that has so many services in one place, and lovely friendly staff  ~ Tracey Williams

13/6/2017 Love how you can say Help to a hairdresser and a professional like Deb works her magic AND manages to give my fine horrible hair a beautiful cut & shape! Thanks your AWESOME and I ‘ll be back!  ~ Moni Atherton

20/1/17  I love my hair! Went to get a trim, came home with new style and foils, not to mention eyebrows waxed and tinted, eye lashes tinted! My family love my new style! Staff professional, but super friendly. Prices are so reasonable too! Recommending them to everyone! ~ Karen Mcilwaine


*** The Carefree Hair Team would like to say Thankyou to all our Lovely Customers who take the time to write to us and leave a Review and for recommending us to your friends.


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Carefree Artistic Hair & Beauty Hairdressers Mandurah



Thermage Skin Rejuvenation Mandurah

thermage mandurahSkin Rejuvenation is one of the most effective ways to improve skin texture, fade pigmentation and minimise background redness.

IPL skin rejuvenation is a safe, gradual process and allows patients to return to work and their regular activities without risk of “down time”.

skin rejuvenation mandurah

  • Thermage® remodels the collagen in that pesky wrinkled skin. A technologically advanced, non-invasive treatment, powerful Thermage radiofrequency energy gives you a smoother, sleeker look in just one treatment.
  • Thermage® addresses the visible signs of aging, toning those trouble areas in just one treatment — no surgery, just naturally younger looking skin that can take years off your appearance.
  • A revolutionary treatment for aging skin, Thermage® uses focused radio-frequency energy to strengthen collagen in your skin for a smooth, sleek look that can help you feel years younger.

Call us today for more information on 9535 2667 or 9586 2667.

IPL Hair Removal Mandurah

ipl hair removal mandurahSuper fast IPL Hair Removal is now available at Carefree Artistic Hair & Beauty, Mandurah.

Our IPL machine uses special in motion technique for gradual and even heating which achieves results quickly and provides maximum comfort and safety with virtually no pain.

IPL works on all hair type with the new and improved machine.

permanent hair removal mandurah

The SHR IPL machine uses a gentler method which provides a painless and more effective hair removal treatment. Using gentle pulses of low energy, the skin is repeatedly massaged between six to ten times. The total energy is divided into doses for fewer side effects. By using high pulse repetition rates at low energy levels, the hair follicles are allowed to gradually heat. Technicians are able to slowly raise the temperature to a comfortable 45 degrees over 90 seconds.

Research has proven the SHR hair removal machine to be a more effective and quicker treatment method. The procedure uses the termed ‘in-motion’ methodology, so called due to the hand piece’s movement. In contrast, pure IPL or Laser treatments are called stamp technology. SHR treatments are also relatively pain-free and so ensure a more comfortable session.

Using this innovative technology, SHR IPL enables the treatment of blonde and nearly white hairs which were previously inaccessible by previous pigment based treatments. While light skin with dark hair responds most favourably to the treatments, Super Hair Removal has also been designed for darker skin treatments. By affecting the chromophore, a protein located in the hair follicle, treatment is also successful for darker skins and removing fine hairs. While more effective, the treatment also provides better protection for the skin, and the light impulses are felt to a much lesser extent.

Book your appointment with our IPL trained therapist.  Ask us about any current ‘special deals’ on offer.  Call us 95352667 now.

Hydrodermabrasion Facials

Hydrodermabrasion MandurahHydrodermabrasion now available at Carefree Artistic Hair and Beauty!!!!

Come in and revitalise yourself. Each treatment takes between 50 minutes to an hour.

Call us for more information or our current ‘special offer’ on 95352667 .

Hydrodermabrasion is the latest in skincare technology. The process uses water jets to break up the outer layer of the skin, resulting in a smoother, more even skin texture.  The hydrodermabrasion procedure is very gentle and relaxing (no discomfort) and is the perfect way to exfoliate even if you have very sensitive skin.  After the treatment your skin will be slightly pink, but this will subside quickly.

Hydrodermabrasion Treatment Mandurah

Hydromicrodermabrasion is suitable for all skin types :

> Helps aging skin

> Helps skin that is congested

> Helps blemished skin

> Helps dull & discoloured skin

> Helps oily skin, making it less greasy

> Helps to skrink pores

> May help to reduce mild acne scars

> Fine lines may be decreased

> Hydrodermabrasion has been used to treat puffy eyes

> Helps to increase in circulation and lymphatic flow

Mandurah Hydrodermabrasion

You will notice results immediately after the Hydrodermabrasion procedure.

Your skin will feel softer and hydrated.

Call us Now for more information on 95352667.

Bright Hair Colours

Want some more colour in your life ?

Carefree Hair Mandurah can add ‘Spicy Colour’ to your hair.  Emsebeth’s Spicy Colour is permanent cosmetic hair colour which gives your hair vibrant colour, sealed with a glossy finish.  Spicy Colour is ideal for an all over colour or just for some striking colour details.  Free from ammonia and oxidants.

Many colours to choose from, including : green, pink, blue, yellow, red, orange and more.

bright hair colour mandurah

Crazy Hair Colours – Bright Hair Colours

Check us out on Facebook.    ” Brighten up your hair with Emsibeth amazing Spicy Colour !!!! ”

Call us today NOW on 95352667 to find out more.

Organic Hair Products Now Available

Organic Hair Products MandurahWe are pleased to offer a range of Organic Hair Care Products (shampoo and conditioner) to our customers.  You can be one of the first in Australia to experience Emsibeth’s new natural range called NAEL ( short for Natural Elements).  The creation of NAEL was influenced by nature’s very own wonderful properties – of colours, fruits & fragrances.

NAEL hair care products offer a high-yielding formula, that is concentrated yet so delicate and is very gentle on the hair and scalp.

NAEL Shampoo and Conditioner nourishes your hair, providing immediate results of a softness, suppleness and a healthy shine.


Organic Hairdresser MandurahNAEL ( Natural Elements) is …..

· Free of PARABENS





** Why not ask us more about our organic range of hair care products when you are next in our salon.

Mandurah Hairdressers – Happy Customers

Look what people are saying about Mandurah Hairdressers “Carefree Artistic Hair And Beauty” ….


hair salon mandurah

“I’ve been coming to Carefree Artistic Hairdressers for 7 years now. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair …. My hair has never felt so good.” ~ Marie D … Lakelands

hair salon mandurah
“My difficult hair has now been tamed by the amazing Carefree Hair team.  Great atmosphere and friendly staff.” ~ T. Pod, Mandurah

hair salon mandurah

“I have been a member of Carefree Hair Salon Mandurah for the last 20 years. The girls are fantastic and friendly. They are always professional in their approach with my hair and I trust Debbie 100% with everything she had done with my hair over the years.. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” ~ Mrs P Famlonger … Busselton

hair salon mandurah

“I love all the new pinks and greens that the girls have put in my hair! Amazing talent and always thorough in their approach with my requests.” ~ Michelle K … Rockingham

hair salon mandurah

“I have been coming to the Carefree Hair and Beauty Salon for the last 3 years and just love my hair. I have fine hair and only now after 10 years … I can manage it so well at home .. because it is just cut the right way to make it very easy to look after at home.” ~ Mrs Pam S … Secret Harbour

hair salon mandurah

” I always come to the Carefree Hair Salon on my way up from Margaret River. I have never been disappointed and the colour work is just fantastic! When I need to go to Perth every 3 months I always call into this Mandurah hairdressers and enjoy their service and the relaxing atmosphere.” ~ Mrs T Pool … Margaret River

hair salon mandurah

“I have terribly fine hair and what the girls manage to do with my hair is just quality work … I love getting the “package” done as they have a great beautician as well. It also saves me a lot of time as I no longer have to go to 2 places. Just one place to get hair and beauty done together.” ~ Mrs Lynch … Meadow Springs

hair salon mandurah

“Debbie is the only one who can achieve a great perm and colour in my hair. She has 30 years of hairdressing experience and still continues to do regular training to be even better at what she does!” ~ Mrs V Luxom … Greenfields

hair salon mandurah

“I have this amazing copper colour that only Debbie can achieve in my hair … it looks fantastic and I go every 5 weeks without fail. My hair never looks dull or needing done as I use their fantastic Emsibeth products … I would recommend Carefree Hair Team to everyone. ” ~ Mrs Jackie Thomas … Halls Head

Cambodia Outreach Project

Deb CambodiaWe have been supporting our Cambodia Outreach Centre of c3 Siem Reap now since December 2014.   We have developed 3 training programs / schedules so far over there with another amazing couple who are Pastors of c3 Siem Reap.   Our aim is to partner with an existing salon in Cambodia and set up a hairdresser training school to help teach rescued girls a trade / skill in hairdressing, resulting in them being able to gain better employment.   A skill that they can use to achieve bigger dreams  and better opportunities for their lives.   All the girls we have begun teaching are so enthusiastic, they really are a joy to teach.  They have a totally different perspective to life than we do.   If they don’t learn … they don’t eat … simple as that.  Our aim is to also create “You Tube” lessons that they can access all year around.   It will be great to send our younger staff over to experience what it is like to live in 3rd world country.  This is an ongoing plan that we intend to stick to.  If you know anyone that would like to contribute, or would like to contribute yourself, please feel free to pop into the salon or just give the us a call on 9535 2667 for more information.

Please visit our Facebook page to see more photos.


CambodiaCambodia2 Deb Cambodia 2

Best Hairdressers Mandurah

Best Hair Dresser in MandurahI have been having my hair done at Carefree Artistic Hair and Beauty (formerly Aphrodites) for the past 14 years.  Every visit has been a pleasure.  The girls are always so friendly and welcoming and every time (without exception) I leave the salon happy and ‘loving my hair’.  At the moment I mostly get my hair colour re-done and my hair trimmed, however over the years I have had my hair re-styled and styled-up for special occasions.  I like to joke when I come in ” same again “, however I know that when I’m ready to have a completely new style / look I will be booking in at Carefree Hair because I know they listen carefully to what the customer wants and then they would do their very best to ensure I am 100% happy.  I know I am in safe hands. If you are looking for the Best Hairdressers Mandurah I am happy to recommend Deb and her girls to you.

Julie, Halls Head Mandurah

Microdermabrasion Mandurah

*** Microdermabrasion Mandurah – Now Available.

From the faces of Hollywood … to the mainstream … Microdermabrasion is being toted as the new way to get an “instant facelift”.  Microdermabrasion is the gentle application of tiny exfoliating crystals which buff away the surface layer of dead skin.

The benefits are many and some benefits include:

microdermabrasion mandurah

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Improves skin texture
  • Helps with fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves sun damaged skin
  • Reduces open pores
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Helps with fine scaring
  • Improves penetration of skin care products
  • Make-up goes on more smoothly
  • Collagen production / thicker firmer skin
  • Gives the skin a glow

For best results a series of 6 treatments 2-3 weeks apart is recommended with a follow up every couple of months.

Call our salon for current prices.

Call 95352667  to book your appointment.