IPL Hair Removal Mandurah

ipl hair removal mandurahSuper fast IPL Hair Removal is now available at Carefree Artistic Hair & Beauty, Mandurah.

Our IPL machine uses special in motion technique for gradual and even heating which achieves results quickly and provides maximum comfort and safety with virtually no pain.

IPL works on all hair type with the new and improved machine.

permanent hair removal mandurah

The SHR IPL machine uses a gentler method which provides a painless and more effective hair removal treatment. Using gentle pulses of low energy, the skin is repeatedly massaged between six to ten times. The total energy is divided into doses for fewer side effects. By using high pulse repetition rates at low energy levels, the hair follicles are allowed to gradually heat. Technicians are able to slowly raise the temperature to a comfortable 45 degrees over 90 seconds.

Research has proven the SHR hair removal machine to be a more effective and quicker treatment method. The procedure uses the termed ‘in-motion’ methodology, so called due to the hand piece’s movement. In contrast, pure IPL or Laser treatments are called stamp technology. SHR treatments are also relatively pain-free and so ensure a more comfortable session.

Using this innovative technology, SHR IPL enables the treatment of blonde and nearly white hairs which were previously inaccessible by previous pigment based treatments. While light skin with dark hair responds most favourably to the treatments, Super Hair Removal has also been designed for darker skin treatments. By affecting the chromophore, a protein located in the hair follicle, treatment is also successful for darker skins and removing fine hairs. While more effective, the treatment also provides better protection for the skin, and the light impulses are felt to a much lesser extent.

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Organic Hair Products Now Available

Organic Hair Products MandurahWe are pleased to offer a range of Organic Hair Care Products (shampoo and conditioner) to our customers.  You can be one of the first in Australia to experience Emsibeth’s new natural range called NAEL ( short for Natural Elements).  The creation of NAEL was influenced by nature’s very own wonderful properties – of colours, fruits & fragrances.

NAEL hair care products offer a high-yielding formula, that is concentrated yet so delicate and is very gentle on the hair and scalp.

NAEL Shampoo and Conditioner nourishes your hair, providing immediate results of a softness, suppleness and a healthy shine.


Organic Hairdresser MandurahNAEL ( Natural Elements) is …..

· Free of PARABENS





** Why not ask us more about our organic range of hair care products when you are next in our salon.