Deb CambodiaWe have been supporting our Cambodia Outreach Centre of c3 Siem Reap now since December 2014.   We have developed 3 training programs / schedules so far over there with another amazing couple who are Pastors of c3 Siem Reap.   Our aim is to partner with an existing salon in Cambodia and set up a hairdresser training school to help teach rescued girls a trade / skill in hairdressing, resulting in them being able to gain better employment.   A skill that they can use to achieve bigger dreams  and better opportunities for their lives.   All the girls we have begun teaching are so enthusiastic, they really are a joy to teach.  They have a totally different perspective to life than we do.   If they don’t learn … they don’t eat … simple as that.  Our aim is to also create “You Tube” lessons that they can access all year around.   It will be great to send our younger staff over to experience what it is like to live in 3rd world country.  This is an ongoing plan that we intend to stick to.  If you know anyone that would like to contribute, or would like to contribute yourself, please feel free to pop into the salon or just give the us a call on 9535 2667 for more information.

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