Advanced New IPL Hair Removal / Reduction

SFHR – Superfast IPL is now available in Mandurah.

Advanced New IPL / SFHR Technology

Our IPL machine uses special in motion technique for gradual and even heating which achieves results quickly and provides maximum comfort and safety with virtually no pain.

IPL works on all hair type with the new and improved machine.

Carefree Hair are very excited to be bringing the latest in fast and safe hair removal and skin rejuvenation to our Mandurah Salon.

pain free hair removal mandurah

SFHR = Super Fast Hair Removal

Have you avoided getting hair reduction treatments because you think they are too painful ?

SFHR is not painful.

Have you been disappointed because the hair reduction treatments have been unsuccessful because your hair is too light or your skin was too dark or tanned ?

SFHR has the advantage of being able to treat most hair colours successfully including great results with grey hair.  We can also successfully treat most skin types 1 2 3 4 and 5 (lightest to darkest).

Now you can get ‘pain free’, permanent hair reduction with our new Super Fast Hair Removal System (SFHR) from Universal Medical Aesthetics.

Our SFHR machine uses special in motion technique for gradual and even heating which achieves results quickly, in comfort, safely and with virtually no pain.

What to expect during a SFHR Treatment ?

  1. You will not feel any pain.
  2. Ideally the area being treated should be shaved 12-24 hours before – otherwise the therapist will shave the area to be treated first.
  3. Therapist will apply standard ultrasound gel.
  4. Treatment will commence – you may feel the coolness of the treatment head and a slight warm sensation from the SFHR handpiece.
  5. After treatment the therapist will wipe the remaining gel off the treatment area.

How often will you need SFH treatments ?

  • Most clients should be treated every 4 – 6 weeks
  • The average number of sessions overall is usually 6 – 8

Call 9535 2667  now to book your IPL Hair Reduction Mandurah appointment with one of our specially trained SFHR Technicians.